An Introduction to Herbal Medicine Making

An Introduction to Herbal Medicine Making
A weekend course covering the basics of using herb in the home

Course Overview

An Introduction to Herbal Medicine Making
An exploration of the uses of herbs and learn to make your own top quality cosmetics and herbal preparations. Includes ID, growing, harvesting from my organic garden, drying and storing herbs
A practical 2 day workshop making teas, decoctions, infused oils,
ointments, creams and other remedies


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Access Information

Step and door threshold step into workshop. Accessible toilet but door narrow.

Special Requirements

Bring your own pack lunch




2 days


Castle Orchard, Putley

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Booking Info

Go to my website to book or ring Rowan on 01531 670075 or 07816 858664

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“Over the years I’ve attended a number of herbal medicine & perfume making courses with Rowan. They have all been so informative & each time I learn something new. Rowan has a gift for teaching, she shares her wisdom & knowledge freely, is open to questions & will tailor the information if there is a strong personal interest in a specific subject area. The courses are a mix of learning through discussion, hands on making/blending & time in the garden with the plants. This is what I love the most & makes the courses so special - walking about Rowan’s herb garden & working with plants directly. The lunches she provides are so delicious & the entire experience is like a balm for the soul. ”
“"Rowan's "around the kitchen table" courses are a joy to experience. She has a natural flow to her teaching, giving time for us to question and discuss. The way she incorporates experiential learning into everything - from making herbal teas to tinctures and cough mixtures meant that I left with so much more than expected. Laden with pots, jars, knowledge and information sheets, I had so much to use at home so that my learning continued long afterwards. A further joy is the delicious lunch Rowan provides followed by, weather permitting, a herbal walk in her gorgeous garden, in order to see herbs growing in situ. Her courses are fabulous and I would highly recommend them." ”
““Rowan’s courses are packed full of information and give many opportunities for practical application - herbs are identified and gathered from her extensive garden and then transformed into all types of herbal remedies. A delight.” ”
“It was a lovely gentle gathering of like-minded souls in the homely surroundings of a household kitchen. Not at all like a course or a workshop ~ much more intimate. There was lots of information to soak up but it never felt like you were being 'taught' ~ you know the feeling .... that you might be given an exam paper at the end. Rowan encouraged us to be interactive with all the ingredients and to be brave enough to choose for ourselves how we added to the basic recipes. She was also very open about gaining more knowledge, how she had learned herself and held nothing back ~ even gave us details of her suppliers all in a lovely folder. It was an enjoyable and relaxing experience rounded off nicely with lunch & a guided walk around her lovely herb garden. Thank you, Rowan, for a really lovely 'herby' experience. ”
“Hands-on, enjoyable and insightful courses from a knowledgeable and personable guide who represents both conventional and alternative medicine. We learnt a lot and had fun at the same time. ”