Sarah Amatt

Sarah Amatt
Suminagashi: Japanese Paper Marbling

Suminagashi, or Japanese paper marbling, is the oldest form of marbling dating back to the 12th century. The process is simple and no prior knowledge or ‘artistic’ skill is needed – just curiosity and the desire to have a go!

The workshops I teach are designed to help you acquire the necessary skills to create your own designs at home with an understanding of the materials, tools and process.  There will be demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to unleash your creativity and to ask questions! Take home many sheets of paper covered in suminagashi for use in bookbinding and other paper arts.

I came to paper marbling via bookbinding, initially making Turkish or traditional marbled papers for use in book repair and book art. After a few career detours I arrived at Japanese paper marbling, a unique approach to decorated paper. Sometimes described as painting on water, the appeal of suminagashi is the element of not quite knowing where you’re headed at the start of each design; each piece being a reflection of the moment in time when it is created.

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